Terri Parker LCSW, LCDC

Social Worker
501 S. Carroll Blvd
Ste 122
Denton, Texas 76201
Narrative of Services:

I offer therapy for OCD, BFRB, anxiety, depression, other mental health disorders, grief and loss, and body dysmorphia. My practice is LGBTQ+ affirming. I have treated over 30 clients with OCD or an OCD related disorder. Clients suffering from OCD make up 60% of my clientele.

Facilities accessible by clients of all mobility levels: Yes

Training Description:

I am a clinical social worker and chemical dependency counselor. I have been focused on clients suffering from OCD and Body-focused Repetitive behaviors since beginning my private practice. I have had the fortune to observe and learn from one of the best specialists in the area. I use Cognitive Behavioral therapies, Exposure and Response Prevention, Acceptance and Commitment and EMDR as modalities. I offer support, encouragement, and a non-judgmental atmosphere in which to process feelings and address anxiety and depression that sometimes exist simultaneously with OCD.

Diversity Statement:

I believe in gender equality, and my practice reflects this value. My therapy office is a safe space for individuals of all gender types.

I have taken graduate classes and continued education on cultural diversity and continue to do so. I am committed to learning about different cultures and diverse populations.