Michele T. Pato, MD



University of Southern California, Keck School of Medicine
2250 Alcazar Street, Suite 2200
Los Angeles, California 90033

Narrative of Services:

I am the Co-Director of the Keck School of Medicine OCD Treatment and Research Program in tandem with Dr. Barbara Van Noppen. We are the clinicians in an outpatient center for self-paying patients; however, we do have some options for those who are uninsured to receive CBT/ERP delivered by psychiatry residents under our supervision. Collectively, Dr. Van Noppen and I have successfully treated thousands of people with OCD over many years.

Training Description:

Dr. Michele Pato has been a clinician and researcher in OCD for over 20 years. In her four years at the University of Southern California she has become acutely aware of the needs of LA’s Latino population and has worked to set up clinical care in OCD for this population. She has an extensive background in the research of psychiatric disorders and for 25 years has collaborated on groundbreaking research on the roles of genetics and environment on the functions of the brain and the mind.