June Phelps, PhD

SpringHaven Counseling Center
15550 Durstine Rd
Dundee, Ohio 44624

Narrative of Services:

I am a clinical psychologist who specializes in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) for anxiety disorders with a focus on Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. I help clients struggling with all types of OCD; however, I am particularly interested in treating OCD that targets a person’s faith (i.e., Scrupulosity). My treatment approach centers on exposure and response prevention (ERP) but also includes psycho-education, acceptance and commitment therapy, and cognitive therapy interventions. I often provide family members and other important people in the client’s life (e.g., clergy) with resources to help them better understand the client’s struggle with OCD and how to effectively help.

Training Description:

I completed my doctorate in clinical psychology from The Pennsylvania State University in 1996. I received training in the treatment of OCD and OCD spectrum disorders (including Habit Reversal Training) from the IOCDF Behavior Therapy Training Institute and am a graduate of the program. Approximately 75% of the clients I work with currently have a diagnosis of OCD or an OCD spectrum disorder such as Trichotillomania or Skin Picking.