Katharine Phillips, MD


Professor of Psychiatry and Human Behavior, Brown University

134 East 93rd Street
Suite 201B
New York, New York 10128

Narrative of Services:

Dr. Phillips is internationally renowned for her clinical expertise and medical research on body dysmorphic disorder (BDD). She also has expertise in OCD and related disorders such as olfactory reference syndrome (ORS; worries about body odor). Dr. Phillips offers expert one-time evaluations for people with BDD/body image concerns or ORS in New York City. These evaluations provide treatment recommendations that are tailored to each person and can serve as a roadmap for current and future treatment. Dr. Phillips provides outpatient treatment for people with BDD, ORS, OCD, anxiety, or other conditions who live near New York City or Providence, RI.

Training Description:

Dr. Phillips has provided expert evaluation and treatment for body dysmorphic disorder (BDD) for 25 years. She has evaluated and/or treated thousands of people with BDD and has developed and tested effective treatments for BDD. She has published many scientific papers as well as The Broken Mirror: Understanding and Treating Body Dysmorphic Disorder and Understanding Body Dysmorphic Disorder: An Essential Guide. She co-authored a CBT therapist manual. She has published other books on BDD, body image concerns, and obsessive compulsive and related disorders. She has expertise in OCD and related disorders, such as olfactory reference syndrome (worry about body odor).