Jane Zorica Pile, PhD

1011 Brookside Rd.
Suite 307
Allentown, Pennsylvania 18106

Narrative of Services:

I have treated countless individuals from middle childhood (8 or 9 yo) through seniors with OCD. I have used all of the techniques listed above as well as CBT, psychoeducation, and assertiveness training (have often found that tics were often associated with angry feelings that the patient was too anxious to express). I refer out to psychiatrists for medication when indicated. I have a particular interest in treating the violent/sexual obsessions. I think this is frequently undiagnosed as people are too fearful and/or ashamed to talk about these symptoms.

Training Description:

I have a BA in Psychology, MA in Clinical Psychology (focus on Behavior Therapy), and Ph.D. in Counseling (focus on CBT). I have been in practice for 35 years (I continued to practice while getting my Ph.D.) and have worked with the full spectrum of OCD. I have attended several seminars on OCD and have continued to further my education with books, internet research, etc.