Amy Rabinove, PhD

8640 Guilford Road
Suite 224
Columbia, Maryland 21046

Narrative of Services:

I am a clinical psychologist licensed in the state of Maryland, providing cognitive behavioral treatment for older adolescents (16+) and adults. I have special interest and expertise in the treatment of OCD and OC spectrum disorders, including trichotillomania and skin picking. I also treat other anxiety disorders as well as mood disorders and stress-related conditions. I provide in vivo exposure and exposure plus response prevention (ERP) treatment for anxiety spectrum disorders. You can find out more information about me by going to and

Training Description:

I received pre-doctoral and post-doctoral training in the treatment of OCD at the Institute for Behavior Therapy (IBT) in New York City, where I was supervised by senior clinicians with extensive experience in the field. As a licensed psychologist I received further training through a consultation group run by a co-director of the Anxiety and Stress Disorders Institute (ASDI) of Maryland.