Leigh Anne Randa, PhD

6000 Chatham Avenue
Kansas City, Missouri 64151

Narrative of Services:

Dr. Randa’s practice focuses on mental health disorders that have an underlying component of trauma, either major events such as combat, sexual assault or natural disaster, or other “smaller” life-events that have left a lasting impact on emotional/behavioral functioning. This can include difficult life events such as death of a loved one, divorce, childhood abuse, infedilety, job loss, or relationship termination to seemingly “smaller” events such as being the recipient of bullying, being shamed or embarrassed, or failure to achieve a goal. Often these events are contributory to the development of OCD or OCD related disorders.

Training Description:

Dr. Randa, Ph.D. is a graduate of Seattle Pacific University in Seattle WA. She has worked extensively with Veterans at VA Hospitals in Seattle, WA, Iowa City, IA, Columbia, MO, and most recently Phoenix, AZ. Dr. Randa has completed basic and advanced OCD training programs through Massachusetts General Hospital and coursework offered through “Treatments That Work”.