Meredith E. Reid, PhD

7681 Tyler's Place Blvd.
Suite #2
West Chester, Ohio 45069

Narrative of Services:

My practice is patient friendly with a zen-like quality in our small office setting. We are very sensitive to confidentiality issues and prefer a personal privacy atmosphere. For that reason I handle all my own calls and requests via phone and email. Many patients also appreciate the overall quality of their therapy experience which is primarily CBT and ERP oriented within a caring perspective for the difficulty of the work.

Facilities accessible by clients of all mobility levels: Yes

Training Description:

I am a private practice clinical psychologist with 15 years experience in treating OCD spectrum disorders. I am a graduate of the OCD foundation BTTI specialized training and use ERP extensively (lots of 'wonderful' homework). I first began looking into OCD training because I wanted some additonal techniques for my trauma clients who tend to have miserable obessive thoughts and complusions. I went to one of the first seminars on spectrum disorder research held at the Cleveland Clinic. It opened up a whole new world of clinical practice– one that I enjoy practicing to this day.