Kathryn Riesmeyer, MA, LPC, NCC

955 Executive Parkway
Suite 221
Creve Coeur, Missouri 63141

Narrative of Services:

I serve adults only and currently, approximately 25% of my practice is with clients who have OCD or related conditions. Currently working with those who have OCD focused on Contamination, Harm, Pedophilia, Responsibility, Suicidal Obsessions, Relationships, Somatic Obsessions and Scrupulosity. Also several clients with related disorders of BDD, BFRB’s, and Misophonia.

In treating OCD and related disorders, I first assess for, and begin treatment of, anxiety, depression, bipolar, or other mood disorders, as a foundational step toward the treatment of OCD. My approach is holistic in assessing and attending to a client’s mind/thoughts, emotions, physical health, behaviors, and relational needs. The environment within which an individual lives and works is also an important factor so identifying safety, security and comfort of home and work environments is included. Referral to and coordination with appropriate medical providers is in the best interest of my clients.

Facilities accessible by clients of all mobility levels: Yes

Training Description:

My treatment of clients with OCD began 3 years ago, after meeting a client who was mid-50’s and suffered terribly for years with classic OCD symptoms. Using the Y-BOCS, we identified and gave a name to the condition, and this client wept saying “I didn’t know it had a name”. That led me to reading multiple resources, workshops and recently attending the first BTTI training in Houston. My continued training will include the next level of BTTI and attending the annual conferences.