Jeff Romer, LMFT


Clinical Director

1864 Frankfort Ave.
Louisville, Kentucky 40206

Narrative of Services:

My current practice averages around 20% of clients affected by OCD and Trichotillomania and includes children as well as adults. I work on a sliding fee scale, based on annual family income. Treatment practices vary with individuals and include cognitive, behavioral, hypnotherapy, and psychodynamic perspectives. I have a network of psychiatrists in the community I work with who have a positive track record in dealing with OCD and related disorders.

Training Description:

I have been actively involved in treating OCD and related disorders, i.e., Trichotillomania, since 1992, and have run a support group for the same since 1993. My treatment experience precedes my clinical training, in as much as I was treated for aspects of repetition-compulsion (as it was also referred to back in the day), in my own early psychotherapeutic experience. As a result, I have followed the literature and treatment paradigm shifts in my training as a clinician, noting both the positive contributions of object relations theory, family systems theory, and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy in the treatment of OCD and related disorders.