David H. Rosmarin, PhD, ABPP


Director, Center for Anxiety

350 5th Avenue, 59th Floor
Empire State Building
New York, New York 10118

Narrative of Services:

The Center for Anxiety™ is an independent specialty clinic with offices in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Rockland County and Boston, providing evidence-based treatments for anxiety and related symptoms to patients of all ages. Directed by Harvard Psychologist David Rosmarin, PhD, ABPP, we take a holistic yet scientific approach to patient care.

Our mission is to synergistically combine clinical practice, training, and science to produce wondrous results. We use CBT, including Exposure Therapy, to effectively treat patients with OCD. Our patients get better quickly, with reduced symptoms and improvements in their daily lives. We offer free OCD support groups in our Manhattan office.

We offer cognitive behavioral therapy for OCD and related disorders, which often co-occur with depression, eating disorders, or ADHD. Our staff is experienced at diagnosing and treating these disorders and determining the best form of treatment to help reduce symptoms and improve daily functioning. We offer an Intensive Outpatient Program for patients with complex OCD or those from out of town who would benefit from intensive daily treatment for a short period of time.

Training Description:

In 2010, Dr. Rosmarin was a clinical supervisor at the McLean Hospital/Massachusetts General Hospital Obsessive Compulsive Disorders Institute (OCDI), where he was formerly a trainee. Prior to that he received extensive training in CBT & ERP at the Anxiety Treatment & Research Center (Hamilton, Ontario). He has also published research reports on community attitudes towards scrupulosity. Many of the specialized clinicians at the Center for Anxiety have extensive training in treating OCD and related disorders.

Diversity Statement:

As experts in religious scrupulosity, we have worked extensively with the orthodox Jewish community as well as other religious groups. Dr. Rosmarin conducts research that examines the relevance of spiritual & religious issues to psychopathology and its treatment. In his part-time academic role at Harvard, he is the Director of the Spirituality and Mental Health Program. His work on integrating spirituality into cognitive behavioral therapy has wide acclaim.