Linda Sacks, LICSW

Social Worker
40 Crescent Street
Waltham, Massachusetts 02453

Narrative of Services:

I’m in private practice in Waltham, MA. Approximately 30% of my practice are individuals struggling with anxiety disorders including OCD. Another 30% of my practice are adults with eating disorders many of whom have a diagnosis of OCD or anxiety disorder as well.

Since I’ve participated in the BTTI training I’ve treated approximately 5 clients using the protocols I was taught. Prior to that I’ve treated many with OCD using a combination of various therapeutic models.

Training Description:

I’m a Diplomate in the Academy of Cognitive Therapy and subsequently trained through BTTI (2014). I’ve been formally treating OCD clients for 4 years, although I’ve been practicing for 30+ years. I am currently receiving supervision from a staff member at the St. Louis Behavioral Medicine Institute. I’ve attended and will continue to attend trainings through IOCDF.