Robert Safion, MEd, LMHC

37 1/2 Forrester St.
Newburyport, Massachusetts 01950

Narrative of Services:

I maintain a private practice dedicated to the treatment of anxiety and OCD in particular. Clients with a primary diagnosis of OC-related disorder(s) make up about 40% of my practice. I use a new type of cognitive therapy approach that focuses on ways of reasoning found to be unique to obsessions, where imagined or remote possibilities are mistakenly viewed as likely or real. Behavioral goals, grounding the individual back in reality, however, are also an essential part of this approach. I have found these cognitive approaches are not only better tolerated than exposure alone but also provide more insight and relapse prevention tools.

Training Description:

I hold a Masters in Counseling Psychology, licensed in Massachusetts. I have been treating OCD for over 12 years. I trained privately for over 1½ years with a clinical researcher at Boston University. Over the past four years, I began training and collaborating with another clinical researcher, at the University of Montreal, who has developed a new, empirically supported treatment approach for OCD. Recently, I contributed a case report for the treatment manual that group will publish in early 2012. Last year, I presented at the annual meeting of the Quebec Obsessive Compulsive Foundation on the treatment of obsessional-type OCD.