Trevor Schraufnagel, PhD

9615 Brighton Way
Beverly Hills, California 90210

Narrative of Services:

I operate a private practice that is exclusively focused on treating obsessive-compulsive and related disorders, anxiety disorders, and trauma-related disorders. OCD and related disorders (hair-pulling, skin-picking, body dysmorphic disorder, and hoarding disorder) are typically present in about half of the clients in my practice.

Training Description:

I have over 10 years of anxiety-related research and clinical experience and have been treating severe OCD with ERP since 2007. I have received expert supervision in the delivery of ERP from psychologists at the University of Washington and the Evidence Based Treatment Centers of Seattle, where I completed an intensive postdoctoral fellowship and where approximately 50% of my clients met criteria for OCD or a related problem. I have also completed training with the BTTI and am certified to provide ERP. Moreover, I have supervised graduate students, postdocs, and psychologists treating OCD in both standard outpatient and IOP settings.