Carol Shack-Lappin, LCSW

Social Worker
22362 Gilberto Suite #205
Rancho Santa Margarita, California 92688

Narrative of Services:

I provide individual and family therapy that is focused primarily in treatment of OCD and anxiety disorders. I also provide evaluations and consultation to school district staff. I have provided treatment to over one hundred clients with OCD and OCD spectrum disorders over the past ten years. Currently, approximately 90% of my caseload is diagnosed with an anxiety disorder and of those, 75% with OCD. Areas of OCD treated have included scrupulosity, violent/sexual obsessions, contamination obsessions, hypochondriasis, perfectionism, body dysmorphic disorder, and trichotillomania. I also treat specific phobias including emetophobia and have treated many cases of separation anxiety disorder.

Facilities accessible by clients of all mobility levels: Yes

Training Description:

I received training from the IOCDF Behavior Training Institute in 2007 and received follow up supervision from an expert psychologist in the field of OCD and anxiety treatment. I have continued my training attending workshops and conferences that focus specifically on the treatment of OCD and OCD spectrum disorders. My specialty area of focus in my practice is anxiety disorders, including OCD, in children, teens, and adults utilizing cognitive behavior therapy and exposure response prevention. I regularly attend the IOCD annual conference.