Martin J. Smith, PsyD

8751 E. Hampden Ave.
Suite B-9
Denver, Colorado 80231

Narrative of Services:

I offer a comprehensive, state-of-the-art, cognitive-behavioral program using Exposure with Response Prevention. I have 30 years of experience treating OCD, panic, and generalized anxiety disorder and currently see 20 OCD patients per week. OCD is a specialty area of mine and I have had very good results with the treatment of all types of OCD. I work with a collaborative treatment model with homework, behavioral practice, and measurable outcome results.

Training Description:

I have received an excellent formal training emphasizing CBT in my doctoral program and my internship. For the past 30 years I have attended many AABT and ABCT conferences, which is where I received additional continuing education training in CBT and OCD. I am dedicated to staying current with OCD literature.