Robyn Stern LCSW

Social Worker
1225 Franklin Avenue
Suite 325
Garden City, New York 11530
Narrative of Services:

I work predominantly with clients that have BDD and OCD and OCD spectrum disorders. My practice is solely dedicated to those that suffer from these disorders. I have treated well over 40 clients with OCD and OCD related disorders.

Facilities accessible by clients of all mobility levels: Yes

Training Description:

As someone who had been affected by BDD and anxiety, I have a unique perspective and approach. I combine research-based treatment and my own successful treatment strategies and tailor them to each individual client. I have training in cognitive behavioral therapy, exposure response prevention, acceptance commitment therapy, and mindfulness from previous job settings including; school based, clinic and hospice settings. One of my mentors was Dr. Bruce Hyman.

Diversity Statement:

My graduate program promoted cultural diversity and working with various populations from all backgrounds. I continue to take continuing education courses as well.