Gregory R. Thomson, PhD

2512 Samaritan Court
Suite i
San Jose, California 95124

Narrative of Services:

My practice is devoted to helping young people develop effective emotional regulation and social communication skills. I have worked with socially isolated, shy, anxious, and depressed youth and their families for over 15 years in school, correctional, nonprofit family counseling, day treatment, private practice, chemical dependency, and inpatient psychiatric hospital settings. I also help youth and their families deal with OCD, bipolar disorder, ASD, and ADHD.

Training Description:

Clinical training and experience: child/family play therapy; individual, couples, and family therapy; Family Court mediation and co-parenting; counseling to LGBTQ youth and their families; supporting LGBTQ parents; child neuropsychological assessment; crisis intervention; early intervention program consultation; DBT; CBT; and Psychodrama.