Mary Torres, LMHC

630 SW 149th St
Suite 101
Burien, Washington 98166

Narrative of Services:

I am certified through the IOCDF BTTI after completing all supervision from their world class practitioners and instructors. Not enough can be said about their dedication to training the next generation of OCD therapists!

I also treat co-occurring disorders: depression, anxiety, phobia, panic, as a part of our work with OCSDs. Sometimes we tackle those first. Treatment plan is tailored to each client.

Training Description:

BTTI training opened my eyes to the scope and severity of distress caused by Obsessive-Compulsive Disorders. My clients have taught me the strength and determination that it takes just to get through a day with OCD. Therefore,I have dedicated my practice to OCD and related disorders. Currently 85% of my clients have OCSDs. I have treated over 100 clients with OCSDs.

Diversity Statement:

Race/Ethnicity: Multiracial or Biracial

My office is located in one of the most diverse zip codes in America, and I am comfortable treating a spectrum of cultures. My ancestry is a high percentage Native American, and I am married to a man of European/Hispanic descent who is adopted.

It is my belief that we must talk about all the things that make us similar and different. My lifetime of education and curiosity of cultures different than my own has given me a voice to ask questions, challenge assumptions, and accept all in love and grace.