Soo Uhm, PhD

451 N. Shoreline Blvd
Mountain View, California 94043

Narrative of Services:

About 30% of my work entails work with OCD related disorders.

Training Description:

Prior to my doctoral program, I worked at the NIMH OCD Unit for two years conducting intakes and research with people who have tried all forms of therapy to treat their OCD and have not been successful. I trained in CBT from the University of California, Santa Barbara and DBT from the University of Washington. In my times at these two institutions I have worked with clients with co-occurring disorders including OCD, eating disorders, social anxiety disorder, and borderline personality disorder. For two years, I worked as a group facilitator and researcher (postdoc) at UCSF for a Hoarding Study.

Diversity Statement:

My specialty area has been in minority mental health, hence most of my treatment settings and work have included marginalized individuals and communities.

My undergraduate and graduate training emphasized work with ethnic and sexual minorities. I have also taught undergraduate and graduate students in the Women’s Studies and Asian American Studies Departments, both in the United States and in China for 20 years. Most of my research also focused on treatment for minority groups (e.g., Asian American mental health, acculturation, and ethnic identity, impact of discrimination and racism, best practices for treatment of LGBTQ populations) and have published in these areas.