Claudia Vasquez, LMFT

855 N Lark Ellen Ave
Suite B
West Covina, California 91791
Phone: 626-221-9934

Narrative of Services:

I have treated approximately 10 cases of OCD which accounts for less than 10% of my caseload over the last couple years. The cases included issues such as body dysmorphia, hypochondriasis, contamination, symmetry, PANDAS, sexual aggressive obsessions, and checking behaviors. Through the trainings I have learned so much more about ERP practices and am beginning to implement these strategies more.

I am a bilingual, Spanish speaking therapist and am able to service low-income clientele via my Medi-Cal contract with Health Net.

Facilities accessible by clients of all mobility levels (ADA accessible): Yes

Training Description:

I have attended 2 BTTI trainings, In 2016 I did the Pediatric BTTI and in 2020 I attended the Adult BTTI training. I have treated approximately 10 cases of OCD and body dysmorphia. I have not completed my phone calls for either training. I have a small private practice but it is currently growing and I am interested in offering this treatment, more specifically, to my community.