Susan Wagner, PhD

223 Katonah Avenue STE E/F
Somers, New York 10536
Phone: 914-760-7091

Narrative of Services:

My practice ranges between 60 and 75% for OCD and OC related disorders. I do not have
a total for the number of individuals I have treated with OCD and OC related disorders
since it covers over 10 years! An estimate is somewhere between 150 and 250.

OCD and trauma; CBT/ERP, CPT, PE
OCD and emotional dysregulation; CBT/ERP, DBT

Treatment Group:

Free virtual support GOAL group; meets 1st and 3rd Monday of every month from 7:15 to 9pm ET. Focus on setting ERP goals; discussion of topics related to OCD. Not a “drop in” group. Intended for individuals at all stages who are willing to commit to attending for minimum of several months.

Training Description:

Over 10 years treating OCD and OCD spectrum disorders. Attended several advanced consultation sessions with senior therapists, had many supervision sessions with senior therapists in the field and attended multiple workshops on an ongoing basis through the IOCDF and ADAA.