David Yood, PsyD

11227 Lockwood Drive
Silver Spring, Maryland 20901

Narrative of Services:

I am a psychologist at the Behavior Therapy Center of Greater Washington (BTC), the Mid-Atlantic center for treatment of OCD and OC related disorders. I am part of a group that provides full-range of individual and group services for patients, including: CBT, ERP, skills training, in-vivo therapy, family therapy, intensive treatment, and school consultation. The center treats the broad range of OC related disorders, including: Trichotillomania, Hoarding, Skin Picking, Scrupulosity, Body Dysmorphic Disorder (BDD), Tourette Disorder, and others.

Training Description:

I received my doctorate in 2012 from the University of Denver’s Graduate School of Professional Psychology with a focus on behavioral analysis. I’ve been treating OCD and anxiety patients since my second year in graduate school. I completed my postdoctoral training at the Behavior Therapy Center of Greater Washington (BTC) focusing on the treatment of OCD and anxiety under the study and supervision of a Scientific Advisory Board member. I have stayed on at BTC as a psychologist since the completion of my training.