Research Posters

Poster submissions will be accepted on this page beginning January 4, 2021 at 5:00pm EST, with a deadline of April 1, 2021.

  • IOCDF Research Symposium (Hybrid online & in-person) – July 8, 2021: The annual research symposium is a forum for high-level discussion of research topics among people who specialize in the study of OCD and related disorders. The day includes a poster session — an excellent opportunity to network and discuss your research with some of the leaders in the field. Learn more about the IOCDF Research Symposium here.
  • Researcher and Exhibitor Meet & Greet at the Annual OCD Conference (In-person only) – July 10, 2021: This popular event will take place on the evening of July 10, 2021, and is open to all attendees of the Annual OCD Conference.

You may submit your poster for both poster sessions. You may also submit multiple posters. Please be aware that you must register a second account with our application system using a new email address in order to submit a second poster (only one submission is allowed per email address due to a limitation with our application system).

Who can submit a poster?

Posters will be accepted from senior researchers as well as trainees and students. For ALL poster submissions, at least one author must be available to present the poster’s content and answer questions at the respective events.


At this time, we are planning to hold the poster sessions at the Research Symposium and Annual OCD Conference as in-person events in New York City. The Symposium will also include a live, online component for virtual attendees. Due to the ongoing pandemic, there is the possibility that some in-person programming will be moved online to ensure the safety of our community and compliance with public health guidelines and regulations. If you are interested in presenting a poster either in person or online, we strongly encourage you to submit your poster. Our submission form will ask you about your preferences for presenting online or in person.


All poster abstracts should use the following format:

  • Introduction/Background (Brief summary of relevant prior studies, statement of hypotheses tested in the study)
  • Methods (including recruitment methods, dates of study, measures utilized [with indications of validity], statistical methods)
  • Results (including sample size, characteristics of the sample, means and standard deviations for important descriptive or outcome variables or change measures, correlation coefficients if calculated, confidence intervals, p values)
  • Discussion (implications of the findings for diagnosis, phenomenological understanding, treatment, pathophysiology, epidemiology, or other area that the research focused on)
  • Conclusions (including outcome of hypothesis testing, suggestions for further research)
  • The abstract should not exceed 1,000 words total

Please note: case studies with n=1 will not be accepted.

Poster Awards

Research Symposium Q&A Session Poster Award
IOCDF Student/Trainee members who submit a poster to the Research Symposium Poster Q&A Session will be eligible for a $1,000 Travel Award to attend Pre-Conference Research Symposium and the Annual OCD Conference in New York City. All posters submitted will be considered.

Researcher and Exhibitor Meet & Greet Poster Award
IOCDF Student/Trainees members who submit a poster to the Researcher and Exhibitor Meet & Greet will be eligible for the two types of Awards below.

  • One of two $1,000 Travel Awards to attend the Annual OCD Conference in New York City.
  • One of two Conference scholarships (free three-day Student registration to the Annual OCD Conference)

To qualify for ANY of the Poster Awards, the student/trainee must:

  • Have a current Student/Trainee membership at the IOCDF at the time of Conference (learn more here)
  • Be the lead author on a poster that is about a completed research project

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