Bridging The Gap – One-on-One Calls/Zoom Meetings for Parents of Teens with OCD

Support Group
Contact: Kyra L Cheung
3118 Burton Ridge Drive
Spring, Texas 77386

Meeting Information:

Venue: Phone Calls or Online via Zoom
Meeting day and time: Please arrange for a meeting on my website.
Open To: Parents of Teens with OCD
Fee: Free


I’ve recently added a consulting option to the CommonGround website. These one-on-one sessions are geared toward caregivers of teens who may have questions and/or want to hear my story. I’m an open book, and I’m willing to share my experiences with you so that you may better understand how your teen is feeling. I have experience in this area as I’ve worked with Dr. Patricia Zurita Ona and counseled parents during the teen version of her ACT Beyond OCD program. Check out my “consult” tab on the website.