Brooklyn OCD Support Group at the Center for Anxiety

Support Group
Contact: Ben Johnides, PhD
3692 Bedford Avenue
Suite P2
Brooklyn, New York 11229

Meeting Information:

Venue: *We are currently holding meetings over Zoom. Please Call or Email for more information*
Meeting day and time: First and Third Wednesday of every month, 7-8 PM
Open To: Individuals with OCD; Family of individuals with OCD


This group will provide a safe space for individuals struggling with OCD and related concerns, as well as their loved ones. The group will provide support and education about OCD and similarly related topics, including living with uncertainty and doubt, options for psychological treatment, and assistance in talking about OCD with friends, family, and other relationships. Group members will be able to discuss their personal experiences in an open and non-judgmental environment and gain assistance in learning to combat and cope with OCD-related challenges.