CBT group for college students with OCD, perfectionism, and related disorders

Support Group
Contact: Rachel A Davis
13001 E 17th Place
Fitzsimons Bldg
Aurora, Colorado 80045
United States
Phone: 303-724-8244

Meeting Information:

Venue: Room E2305 (2nd floor, east hallway)
Meeting day and time: Every Monday at noon
Open To: undergraduate and graduate students
Fee: Billed through insurance or $25 self-pay


The CU Anschutz OCD Program groups are clinical groups led by faculty. The groups are billed through insurance. There is a $25 self-pay option. The student CBT group is for undergraduate and graduate students with OCD and related disorders ages 18 and up.

Each group is 60 minutes and is based on CBT/ERP, ACT, and DBT principles. The group is goal-oriented, and group members are encouraged to support each other in using ERP to challenge their OCD.