OCD Recovery Group – Riverside

Support Group
Contact: Cynthia M. Manrique
5900 Brockton Avenue
Riverside, California 92506

Meeting Information:

Venue: Pacific Grove Hospital
Meeting day and time: 1st Saturday and 3rd Saturday of every month.
Open To: People struggling with OCD.
Fee: $5


Group meeting times are on the 1st and 3rd Saturday of every month from 12:00pm to 2:00pm. Location is Pacific Grove Hospital in Riverside.

Peers helping peers.

Welcoming people who struggle with OCD , adults and adolescents are welcomed with their parents. Parents of adult children with OCD welcomed.
Cost is $5 per person. We use a room in the hospital , just ask the receptionist to buzz you in . IMPORTANT to CALL ME, to confirm we are still meeting on such date!! Cynthia : Group Leader: cell number: (951) 347-4016