Support Group for Adults with Trichotillomania

Support Group
Contact: Sally Allen or Judith Kolman
Rosemont Plaza, Suite 9
1062 Lancaster Avenue
Rosemont, Pennsylvania 19010

Meeting Information:

Venue: Rosemont Counseling Associates
Meeting day and time: Every Wednesdays, 6:15-8PM
Open To: Adults with Trichotillomania
Fee: Free


Professionally led support group

Additional Information::

A safe, comfortable and fun gathering for people to share their struggles and successes with trichotillomania. Participants are encouraged to talk at their comfort level and set goals if they wish. Information from hair dressers to tools and strategies are discussed. Participants report a lessening of shame and increase in self esteeem as they hear other accounts similiar and different than their own. We usually share a pizza.