Adolescent Cognitive Behavioral Therapy/Exposure Response Prevention Group

Contact Name: Stephanie Lehto, PsyD
Venue: zoom
Day & Time: Fridays at 4pm
Open To: Adolescents with OCD or anxiety
Fee: Insurance is billed for groups


This group is offered through the CU Anschutz OCD program aimed at adolescents aged 13-17 who experience OCD and related disorders. This group will be led by faculty and are billed through insurance. The group is aimed at supporting members in learing more about OCD and methods to support a change in response to intrusive thoughts and compulsive behaviors. This will be an open group, meaning members can join at any time.

Each group will last 60 minutes and use Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Exposure and Response Prevention (ERP), and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy ACT principles. Group members will be encouraged to support each other, and set weekly exposure goals in group.

During the pandemic, this group will be offered via telehealth

To join our group, please contact our administrative staff at: (303) 724-4716