Child Mind Institute’s Intensive OCD Program

Intensive Treatment Program
Director: Jerry Bubrick, PhD
Contact Name: Elsa Girma, MS
215 E 50th Street
New York, New York 10022
Teléfono: (212) 308-3118
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The Child Mind Institute Intensive OCD Program, led by Jerry Bubrick, PhD, offers children and their families an immersive, holistic experience that can make an extraordinary difference in a short period of time. Your family may wish to consider this intensive treatment if:
– Your child’s symptoms are seriously interfering with school performance, family life and friendships
– You have already been to multiple treatment providers without getting help
– You live in an area without accessible treatment options

While typical or traditional treatment demonstrates that patients make significant progress during weekly sessions spread out over three to four months, the intensive treatment program is tailored to the needs of your child and condenses those sessions to three hours a day, five days a week. Our one-week intensive can be used to jumpstart treatment or as a boost for children already in a treatment program. We are able to work with families so children do not miss much or any school, including scheduling during school breaks. We can also help you find tutors so your child can keep up with school work, if needed.

The intensive nature of the treatment enables most children to make progress within one to four weeks, and can help prevent the hospitalization of a child whose OCD symptoms are severe. We empower parents to make their child’s treatment more effective by including them as active participants in the treatment process.

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