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Disclaimer and Terms of Use

The mental health professionals on the Resource directory have expressed an interest in treating individuals with obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD). The International OCD Foundation (IOCDF) has not investigated these individuals nor does it have the facilities to evaluate their competence in treating OCD. This list is a compilation of treatment providers who have requested that their names appear on this referral list. The IOCDF does not recommend nor endorse the competence or expertise of anyone listed. The listing of treatment providers is not an endorsement but merely a source listing of individuals who have indicated they treat OCD.

Still having a hard time navigating the Resource Directory?

Here are 10 tips that you may find helpful the next time you are conducting a search for your next therapist, support group, or clinic.


Know what you are getting into. Resource Directory: Definitions of Search Terms is a great article to read BEFORE searching the Directory. The article goes over how to use the Resource Directory, but most importantly it provides definitions for terms used within the Directory that you might not have known before.


Be aware of the Resource Directory’s limitations. When using the Resource Directory, it’s important to know the following things: 

  • The IOCDF has neither investigated the providers nor has the facilities to evaluate them. This is simply a resource to help those in need.
  • You must be ready and willing to apply effort and labor to find the right provider.
  • The IOCDF cannot provide up-to-date insurance information because providers’ participation in insurance changes often. The best way to find this out is to ask the providers when you reach out.


Consider teletherapy if you’re not having any luck with in-person. If you use the Directory and find 0 results, try searching under the teletherapy tab and increasing the mileage to see more options (you can expand the search up to 700 miles). The results will always be sorted by the closest to your location.


IOCDF Resource Directory Teletherapy


Understand how teletherapy works. Do not be alarmed if a teletherapy provider lives outside of your state: as long as you are in the teletherapy tab, it means the provider is licensed to provide therapy in YOUR state regardless of where they are located.


Know your other search options. Clinics and programs can be searched for separately by using this link. At times it can get overwhelming conducting this search along with all the other facets of the Directory, so doing it separately can be helpful.


Narrow down a large list.  If you find too many results, narrow down your search by selecting more options within the categories (age, specialty, etc..) and decrease your mileage.


Consider BTTI trained providers: The Behavior Therapy Training Institute (BTTI) is an intensive training course in exposure and response prevention therapy (ERP) for mental health professionals who are treating individuals with OCD and related disorders. It is often hard to find a provider that is well-versed in OCD treatment, narrowing your results to BTTI can put you one step closer to finding the right provider.

BTTI in the Resource Directory


Examine your results closely. Every professional, support group, or organization listed in the Resource Directory has a profile packed with information that describes their practice and/or service they provide. Some go into detail about their experience with specific subtypes, others add a diversity statement, treatment groups and their fees. Some even list the names of other providers in their practice.  With so much to be found within each profile, make sure to check them all out!


Remember to consider support groups.  While you can search for online support groups within the Directory, keep in mind they are NOT listed under the teletherapy tab. You have to click and read each support group’s profile to see if they’re meeting online. You can also view a separate listing of online support groups if you find the Directory unhelpful for this specific search.


Reach out to us! If after using all of these tips you are still finding the directory to be overwhelming or confusing, please email with your city, state, or zip code and let us know what you’re specifically looking for and we will carry out the search for you and email you the results. 

We hope this will be helpful to you and your loved ones looking for resources.