Disclaimer and Terms of Use

The mental health professionals included in the Resource Directory have provided the required proof of their current independent licensure or that they are under the supervision of a licensed clinician who is an IOCDF Professional Member. Those listed have self-reported as trained professionals experienced with treating OCD and related disorders using evidence-based treatment modalities. The IOCDF lists providers who are interested in treating OCD and related disorders as a convenient tool because treating OCD requires specialized care. However, their inclusion in the IOCDF Resource Directory does not constitute an endorsement, recommendation, or assessment of competence or training.

As with all healthcare-related decisions, the IOCDF strongly advises individuals to use their judgment and do their own research when selecting a provider for their healthcare needs. To help you make an informed decision, please use the How to Find the Right Therapist article with tips and a list of questions created by experts in the field.

The IOCDF Resource Directory is a unique, comprehensive search engine of over 2,700 listings. In addition to licensed therapists and pre-licensed trainee therapists, it includes medication prescribers, support groups, specialty clinics and programs, and local IOCDF Affiliates. Its filters enable you to narrow down by specialty areas, treatment strategies, gender, race/ethnicity, insurance acceptance, and more.

Take a moment to review the following tips and steps to successfully navigate the Resource Directory to find the help you are looking for.


Review the definitions of key search terms

Understanding the terminology and professional credentials used in the mental health field is important when seeking mental health services and using the directory. For your convenience, we have created a list of terms and definitions to review before your search.


Verify your insurance coverage with the provider

We strive to provide up-to-date insurance information for all listed providers. However, due to the ever-changing insurance landscape and the variety of plans offered, it is important to verify 1) network participation and 2) costs/co-payments with both the provider and your insurance carrier prior to setting up an appointment.


Consider both telehealth and in-person therapy

The Resource Directory has two Tabs above the filters: Providers Near Me and Teletherapy Providers. If you’d like to see someone in person, start with the Providers Near Me tab. If you want to increase your options and/or prefer to see someone virtually, switch to the Teletherapy Providers tab. Teletherapy or telehealth allows licensed professionals to provide therapy and services to clients who are located in a different state via online video sessions.

There are a lot of additional filters you can use in your search (see #5 below), and you can increase the mileage to up to 700 miles to capture as many options as possible. The results will appear sorted by who is closest to your location.


Use filters to refine and narrow your search.

The directory has 11 different search filters including therapists’ specialty areas, such as treating comorbid substance use disorder (SUD) or eating disorders (ED), and experience with perinatal OCD, veterans issues, and LGBTQIA+ affirming treatment. Make sure to review all the filters to help you find the right resources based on your needs.

Are you specifically interested in seeing a provider of color? Select your preferred identity under the Race/Ethnicity filter or view the full list of providers of color.

Under the Provider Credentials filter, you can select the BTTI designation to find treatment providers who have completed the Behavior Therapy Training Institute (BTTI), an intensive training course in exposure and response prevention therapy (ERP) for the treatment of OCD conducted by the IOCDF.


Navigate all the listing types of the directory

Clinics and programs that specialize in OCD can be searched for separately if you’re seeking resources such as residential treatment or partial hospitalization programs. View the full list of specialty clinics and programs.

Support groups, both in-person and virtual, are found by narrowing your search using the Listing Type filter and selecting Support Groups. You can also view the separate list of support groups that meet online only. Treatment Groups are separate from traditional support groups to help narrow your search as well.

Medication prescribers have their own listing type for those specifically looking for a psychiatrist for medication prescribing and management.

Need Help? If you are encountering difficulties using the directory, please email info@iocdf.org for assistance. Include your city, state, or zip code, and let us know what you’re specifically looking for and we will respond with a customized list!