Share Your Story

Have you or a loved one been affected by OCD or a related disorder? By sharing your story you can help to educate others about OCD as well as provide support and encouragement to those who may be having similar experiences. We welcome submissions from those living with OCD or a related disorder, their family/friends, researchers, and medical professionals. Here are some ways that you can share your story:

Submit to the IOCDF Blog "Stories from the Community":

We regularly publish stories on our IOCDF blog "Stories from the Community." These stories are posted publicly on our website as well as frequently share through our social media channels. Learn more about the blog and view guidelines on how to submit.

Submit to the quarterly OCD Newsletter:

Our quarterly newsletter is available in both print and digital format and is free to all members of the IOCDF. In each issue, we feature stories from the OCD community, and we welcome you to submit them! Our submission guidelines are as follows:

  • We accept submissions in the form of stories, poems, and research articles (by professionals)
  • We recommend that submissions be 1300 words or less
  • Submissions should convey a clear message that the author wants to share for the benefit of the community. Examples could be how to manage OCD symptoms, advice for supporting others with OCD, overcoming stigma, etc...
  • Submissions can be sent to

We regularly review submissions and will contact you if we decide to publish your story in an upcoming newsletter.

Please note that we do edit stories and their titles for length, clarity and our own editorial guidelines. We will submit final edits for approval before publishing. We never want to misrepresent your voice or message.

Apply to Present at an IOCDF Conference:

All members of the OCD and related disorders community are welcome to submit a proposal to speak on a presentation, workshops, evening activity, and/or support groups at one of the many IOCDF Conferences, including the Annual OCD Conference held each July. All Conferences provide an amazing opportunity to share your story with members of the OCD community. Whether you are a professional, or someone who wants to share their own personal stories of living with OCD, we invite you to submit your proposal to speak at the next Annual OCD Conference. Learn more about the IOCDF Conference Series.

Become a Grassroots Advocate:

An advocate is someone who publicly supports a cause or fights for something they believe in. In mental health — this often means fighting stigma by being willing to talk frankly about your experience with mental illness. As a Grassroots Advocate we will encourage you to share your story both by issuing regular Grassroots Advocate challenges that you may participate in, as well as by providing you with the tools and support to tell your story openly. Learn more about our Grassroots Advocate program and sign the Grassroots Advocate pledge.

Participate in OCD Awareness Week:

OCD Awareness Week is an international effort taking place during the second week in October each year to raise awareness and understanding about obsessive compulsive disorder and related disorders, with the goal of helping more people to get timely access to appropriate and effective treatment. During OCD Awareness Week there are a number of ways to tell your story including creating a YouTube video, hosting a special event, and sharing on social media. Learn more about OCD Awareness Week.

Host an OCDare to Share Gathering:

Step out of your comfort zone to raise OCD awareness right in your community! OCDare to Share is a one-time, casual get-together dedicated to starting a conversation about OCD with those around you. You choose a place to meet in your community for one hour. Learn more about how to host an OCDare to Share event!