Become an IOCDF Grassroots Advocate!

What is an IOCDF Grassroots Advocate?

At the IOCDF, we get many requests from members of the OCD community who want to know what they can do to help. Whether it means joining the One Million Steps for OCD Walk each year, speaking at a local Affiliate event, or even blogging about your experiences, being an IOCDF Grassroots Advocate means joining a community of people who want to raise awareness and educate the public about OCD and related disorders.

IOCDF Grassroots Advocates Badge

What is the Role of a Grassroots Advocate?

Grassroots Advocates are part of our overarching IOCDF Advocate Program. Led by National Advocates Ethan Smith and Dr. Liz McIngvale, the IOCDF Advocate Program gathers together leading advocates in the IOCDF community who work to develop initiatives for our Grassroots Advocates.

Each month, our Lead Advocates will reach out to Grassroots Advocates via the Advocates in Action e-Newsletter with challenges, projects, and other ways you can join them to work together and make a big impact. Examples of Advocates in Action initiatives include:

  • Participate in online (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube) social media campaigns
  • Participate in on-site “calls to action" (e.g., conference-based projects)
  • Participate in coordinated national events (e.g., One Million Steps for OCD Walks, OCD Awareness Week events)
  • Contribute to a blog or newsletter feature
  • Opportunities to display your support of the IOCDF (e.g., “Proud IOCDF Grassroots Advocate” badges, stickers)

Ready to Become an IOCDF Grassroots Advocate?

Becoming a Grassroots Advocate has never been easier! Sign up here to be added to our Grassroots Advocate email list and receive your first Advocates in Action e-newsletter and start your advocacy journey today.

If you aren’t ready to be an advocate — that’s okay, too! This community welcomes everyone, and we understand that advocacy is a personal choice — and it’s not always an easy one.