The IOCDF is proud to work with a variety of types of organizations across the mental health sphere to help raise awareness for what it means to really have OCD and related disorders, and to support all those affected seeking treatment and resources.

IOCDF Affiliates are non-profit organizations that are run entirely by dedicated volunteers that carry out the mission of the International OCD Foundation through programs at the local community level within the United States.

The IOCDF is proud to partner with trusted organizations whose work aligns with our mission to improve the lives of those affected by OCD and related disorders. Our collaboration with our growing network of partners gives us the opportunity to enhance and expand our shared goals.

Global Partners are NGO organizations based around the world whose work is in line with the mission of the IOCDF. We have partnered with these groups in help train professionals around the globe, and to host events for OCD Awareness Week.

Marketing partners make it possible for the IOCDF to host a variety of events and trainings for all members of the OCD community throughout the year. Events such as IOCDF Conference Series, the One Million Steps for OCD Walk, and our Behavior Therapy Training Institute (BTTI) all have a variety of marketing opportunities for organizations to showcase their services to their intended audience while supporting the IOCDF.