IOCDF Training Institute

On average, it can take an individual with OCD up to 17 years from the onset of symptoms to receive a proper diagnosis and begin receiving effective treatment. The IOCDF is committed to changing that statistic.

In 1995 we launched our flagship training opportunity for professionals; our Behavior Therapy Training Institute (BTTI). In response to professionals asking for more opportunities to advance their skills, the IOCDF Training Institute has been created to offer a more comprehensive curriculum of professional training opportunities. These training offerings address a variety of specialties and issues pertaining to the OCD and related disorders community, while also providing continuing education credits to qualified professionals.

The Training Institute curriculum is formatted in the style of higher education course catalogs, ranging from the 100-level basic trainings and to the 400-level advanced trainings (BTTI is now 200-level). A brief description of each level and their associated course offerings can be found below.

Unsure which training is right for you?

In order to help figure out which level of the Training Institute best fits your current level of knowledge and experience, please take the Clinician Self-Assessment here.  The Clinician Self-Assessment will take no more than 5 minutes to complete.

100-Level (Introductory)

The online courses listed below are in collaboration with the Massachusetts General Hospital Psychiatry Academy (IOCDF professional members receive a discount to participate!):

To see the current online courses offered through MGH, click here.

Previous and current courses offered:

  • 100 – CBT for OCD in Children and Adolescent
  • 120 – Fundamentals of CBT
  • 130 – CBT for OCD
  • 131 – Using CBT for Children
  • 132 – CBT for Body Dysmorphic Disorder
  • COMING Soon! 133 – Introduction to Hoarding Disorder
  • COMING Soon! 134 – Body-Focused Repetitive Behaviors (BFRBs)

200-Level (Foundational)

Pre-Conference Training Series (PCTS): Each year, prior to the start of the Annual OCD Conference’s full program, the IOCDF offers specialized trainings for those professionals who wish to gain greater insight into working with OCD and related disorders. On Thursday, July 26, 2018 before the 25th Annual OCD Conference, we will be offering two Pre-Conference Training Sessions (PCTS). These trainings come at an additional cost and more details on each can be found on our conference website.

  • 210 – Exploring Clinical and Community Interventions for Hoarding and Cluttering
  • 211 – Effective Treatment for Concurrent OCD and Substance Use Disorder (SUD)

Behavior Therapy Training Institute (BTTI) Courses: These courses are for independently licensed clinicians who are familiar with OCD, but may be new to treating it following best practices.  These courses seek to train clinicians in Exposure with Response Prevention (ERP), the gold standard treatment for OCD, as well as how treatment may vary for OCD-related disorders. For more information, please see our BTTI webpage.

  • 220 – BTTI for OCD
  • 221 – BTTI for Pediatric OCD (Pediatric BTTI)
  • 222 – BTTI for Hoarding Disorder (Hoarding BTTI)

300-Level (Integrative)

The Integrative level of courses are for clinicians who are comfortable with diagnosing OCD and implementing ERP with their clients, but who may benefit from guidance around their severe, resistant, and/or ambivalent cases.  This level focuses on helping clinicians to synthesize their previous learning with their current practice via group consultation sessions with the world’s leading experts on OCD and related disorders.

300-Level course offerings include:

400-Level (Advanced)

The Advanced level of courses are for seasoned clinicians who are very competent with working with clients with OCD.  Clinicians should have several years of experience in implementing ERP, and should feel comfortable working with severe cases.  PLEASE NOTE: These courses are only open to those who have previously attended the 200-level general and/or Pediatric BTTI. If you believe that you have sufficient experience to attend the Advanced Forum without completing a BTTI, please contact us at

400-Level course offerings include: