IOCDF Training Institute

On average, it can take an individual with OCD up to 17 years from the onset of symptoms to receive a proper diagnosis and begin receiving effective treatment. The IOCDF is committed to changing that statistic. Beginning in 1995 with our flagship Behavior Therapy Training Institute (BTTI), the IOCDF Training Institute has since grown to offer a number of professional training opportunities that address a variety of specialties and issues pertaining to the OCD and related disorders community, while also providing continuing education credits to qualified professionals.*

Behavior Therapy Training Institute (BTTI) Series 

The Behavior Therapy Training Institute (BTTI) was developed to help address the shortage of mental health professionals — in the US and around the world — properly trained in treating OCD and related disorders using the most-up-to-date and effective evidence-based treatment methods. The BTTI is an in-depth, three-day intensive training course in cognitive behavior therapy (CBT) for mental health professionals who are treating individuals with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) and related disorders. When developing the BTTI, the IOCDF set out to create a training model and format that was more intensive, comprehensive, and clinically useful than most workshops, but that was also shorter and more accessible than the few fellowships and externships offering training in the treatment of OCD.  In recent years, the IOCDF has expanded BTTI offerings to include trainings focusing on advanced and specialty topics, such as working with the pediatric population and those with Hoarding Disorder, in addition to the general BTTIs.  

Click here to learn more about the BTTI, including how to register.

Pre-Conference Training Series 

Our Annual OCD Conference provides the opportunity for mental health professionals to hear from experts in the field about the most up-to-date research in OCD treatment, as well as to explore various treatment modalities and methods.  Therapists and other professionals will also be able to observe several demonstrations and hear firsthand accounts from patients and their families. Prior to the start of the Annual OCD Conference, the IOCDF offers training courses on Thursday afternoon, intended to complement the conference program and provide an opportunity for more in-depth training.

The course offerings for the 2015 Pre-Conference Training Series are:

  • Professional Consultation Groups | Click here to register
    This session is designed to provide clinicians with the chance to receive small group consultation from some of the world’s leading experts in the treatment of OCD and related disorders.  The facilitators have a wide range of expertise, from specific populations (e.g. children and adolescents) to specific comorbidities (e.g. autism) to incorporating specific adjunct therapies (e.g. medication, Motivational Interviewing). Independently licensed mental health clinicians only. 4.5 CE Hours for qualified mental health professionals (click here for more info).   
  • It Takes a Village — A Community Response to Hoarding | Click here to register
    This day-long workshop will offer a comprehensive overview of hoarding that will address the learning needs of the wide variety of professionals who work with the disorder, including clinicians, home-based workers, coaches, first responders, social service agencies, housing agencies, and peer response teams. The workshop is broken into two sessions, with a lunch break and afternoon coffee break. 7.5 CE Hours for qualified mental health professionals (click here for more info).   

Webinar Series 

Beginning in 2015, the IOCDF will offer short webinar courses on specialty topics, making our professional training opportunities and world-class faculty accessible to mental health and medical professionals around the world.