Behavior Therapy Training Institute (BTTI)

The Behavior Therapy Training Institute (BTTI) is an in-depth three-day (or five-day, if held virtually) intensive training course in exposure and response prevention therapy (ERP), a form of cognitive behavior therapy (CBT), for mental health professionals who are treating individuals with obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) and related disorders. Led by a world-renowned faculty, the BTTI was developed to help address the shortage of therapists properly trained in using CBT to treat OCD around the country and the world.

In addition to the flagship General BTTI and our Pediatric-focused BTTIs, the IOCDF annually hosts the BTTI for Treating OCD in Communities of Color, a training for BIPOC clinicians and taught by BIPOC faculty, and the BTTI Virtual en Español, conducted entirely in Spanish.

For more information, review the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) at the bottom of this page.

Upcoming BTTI Sessions

General BTTI- Training full
New Orleans, LA (in person)
April 5–7, 2024

BTTI for Treating OCD in Communities of Color
Oakland, CA (in person)  
May 17–19, 2024
Registration open!

General BTTI - Training full, accepting scholarship applicants only 
Cincinnati, OH (in person)
June 21–23, 2024

Invitations to register for the remainder of 2024 BTTIs will be sent in the coming months, in order of Interest List submission date.

How To Register

Clinicians who have filled out our BTTI Interest List get the first opportunity to register.

Registration for the BTTI is on a first-come, first-served basis once invitations are extended. Offers to register will begin being sent out in the order individuals completed the BTTI Interest List Form.

If a clinician is not able to attend the BTTIs offered, they will continue to be offered a seat for future BTTIs until they are able to attend.  Offers will be extended to the next clinicians on the list until all seats have been filled.

Please note the following:

  • Clinicians can only take either the General BTTI or the Pediatric BTTI, not both. If you work with youth at all in your practice (even if they are not your primary or sole focus), we highly recommend you opt to attend the Pediatric BTTI.
  • If a clinician has filled out the BTTI Interest List multiple times, the IOCDF will use their earliest submission date to mark their place in line on the BTTI Waitlist.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)