Online Consultation Groups (301)

This new interactive, web-based training opportunity enables clinicians to further their training through a series of 90-minute small group sessions aimed at improving their skill in treating OCD and related disorders.  Each small group will consist of 3 clinicians, and will be led by a renowned clinical expert who has previously served as faculty for our Behavior Therapy Training Institutes (BTTIs).  Online Consultation Groups are considered to be part of the 300-level offerings as part of the overall Training Institute curriculum and are specifically targeted towards those clinicians who have completed a BTTI.

Course Information

Online Consultation Group attendees will receive a mix of one-on-one attention from the expert consultant and interactive consultation with the other attendees in the session. The cost is $800 for eight 90-minute small group sessions. Session times are pre-arranged and will be made available to clinicians prior to registration. It is expected that attendees will be able to make all of the group sessions, and remain in each session for its entire duration.

There is no predetermined curriculum to be covered in the group sessions.  Instead, clinicians will come prepared with cases to present for troubleshooting and feedback, or directed clinical questions to pose to the expert.  Each expert will provide a few topic areas of interest/special expertise prior to registration, but these will not necessarily be the focus of the group sessions.

All consultation sessions will take place via Google Hangouts Meet.  For more information and to make sure you have the correct technology, please click here.

The Fall 2019 Online Consultations and the registration procedures will be announced in late October 2019.