Living with OCD

Living with OCD

If you are living with OCD, you know that it can impact all areas of your life and pose unique challenges. Whether you are diagnosed with OCD, a family member, or a loved one, there are resources available to help you manage and find support.

Live After, Life After OCD

by Ethan S. Smith

What happens when OCD is no longer the biggest challenge you face in your day to day life? After successful treatment, does life become easy, with OCD mere background noise rather than the seemingly immovable barrier that it once was? In this article, IOCDF National Ambassador, Ethan S. Smith describes the surprising insights and lessons that came in the wake of his successful OCD treatment. Read Article

Help us spread the word about #RealOCD

We know it can be difficult for members of the OCD and related disorders community to hear the term OCD misused. People who use OCD as a joke belittle the disorder and contribute to a stigma that prevents many people from seeking treatment.

The good news is that together, we can work to educate the public, make a change, and reduce the time it takes for people to get the help they need.

Head to our #RealOCD Resource Center for information on what to do if you’ve just heard someone misuse the term OCD (or if you haven’t but want to help make a change), including tools like videos, graphics, and more.