Kansas City Center for Anxiety Treatment (KCCAT)

Intensive Treatment Program, Specialty Outpatient Clinic
Director: Katie D. Kriegshauser, PhD
Contact Name: Ryan Hale-Gleason
10555 Marty Street
Suite 100
Overland Park, Kansas 66212
Teléfono: 913-649-8820
Correo electrónico: info@kcanxiety.com

KCCAT opened in 2005 in order to provide the region with an option for highly trained empirically based cognitive behavioral services targeting OCD and anxiety disorders. KCCAT’s approach as a team-based treatment facility assures a high level of consistency and quality, and allows us to provide the most clinically efficient and affordable services for each individual. KCCAT offers assessment and state-of-the-art cognitive behavioral treatments for all ages. Specializing in exposure and response/ritual prevention techniques (ERP) integrated with other evidence-based techniques, we offer individually tailored treatments, including options for intensive therapy protocols and home- and community-based treatment. From the beginning of treatment, we establish a goal of making our patients and their support system “experts” on their symptoms and to “work our way out of a job” so that the patient and their family have the ability to manage their condition independently using ERP and other anxiety management strategies (e.g., acceptance strategies). Our free maintenance support groups and ability of staff to remain available for continued consultation and booster sessions as necessary assist patients in maintaining their gains over time.

Treatment of Co-occurring Disorders:

We approach co-occurring disorders from an evidence-based perspective, and primarily operate from a CBT approach (implementing ACT and DBT elements when appropriate). All patients enter and proceed through KCCAT services in the same manner (we do not have a separate OCD and related disorders program per se). We treat co-occurring anxiety disorders, mood disorders, eating disorders (depending on level of severity), insomnia, trauma-related disorders, etc.

OCD Specialists At This Clinic:

  • Katie D. Kriegshauser, PhD
  • Bill Oakley, PsyD
  • Jennifer Hodgson, PsyD
  • Kristin Gallaway, PhD
  • Dakota McNamara, PsyD
  • Raquel Craney, PhD