Specialty Outpatient Clinic
Director: Patrick B. McGrath, PhD
Contact Name: Ashley Jenkins
Teléfono: (312) 766-6780
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NOCD was founded by Stephen Smith, who was debilitated by his own OCD and learned firsthand how difficult it was to find treatment that would work. He started NOCD to change that.

NOCD offers effective online OCD therapy. Inside the NOCD platform, you can match with a licensed therapist with specialty training in OCD and ERP and do live face-to-face video sessions. Between sessions, you can message your therapist, get support from our online peer community, and use our in-app therapeutic tools. All sessions are conducted confidentially and securely using a HIPAA-compliant app.

Our therapists are trained in Exposure and Response Prevention therapy, the most effective OCD treatment available. They are led by world-renowned OCD experts Dr. Jamie Feusner and Dr. Patrick McGrath. They use an ERP model that was shown to reduce OCD severity significantly in less than 10 weeks, on average.

Our goal is to help all people with OCD get better and stay better. NOCD Therapists understand various OCD themes, including, but not limited to, sexual, violent, religious, contamination, existential, just right, and relationship-based obsessions. By providing our services through telehealth and accepting insurance, we are able to make our treatment accessible and affordable to help you.