Serenity Recovery & Wellness; Perinatal OCD Program

Intensive Treatment Program, Specialty Outpatient Clinic
Director: Lyndsey Proctor & Morgan Slade
Contact Name: Kami Moran
12447 S Crossing Dr
Riverton, UT 84096
Teléfono: (801) 984-0184
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Serenity Recovery and Wellness provides highly specialized care for individuals struggling with OCD, specific to perinatal mental health. Our dedicated team treats pregnant women and new mothers, helping them to control their compulsions and take back their lives.
With perinatal OCD, obsessive thoughts are often about the baby’s safety and well-being. You may fear your baby falling ill, being in an accident, or ceasing to breathe. You might think about accidentally dropping the baby, or even hurting the baby on purpose, though you don’t want to. While these thoughts may feel disturbing, they are all common intrusive thoughts and rarely does anyone ever act on them.
Some common compulsions mothers use to cope with these obsessions include excessive cleaning and hand-washing, not allowing others to come into contact with the baby, and the inability to leave the house for fear of contamination or injury. These compulsions can be seriously limiting and pose difficulties for other family members.
With patience and practice, you will learn to master the skills you need to heal. Your time will be your own again, you’ll be able to do laundry, go for a walk, nurse your baby, and do a thousand other things without the company of unwanted thoughts.
At our postpartum anxiety treatment center, we offer those with perinatal OCD hope by showing them a pathway to healing. For individuals in our intensive outpatient program, we provide daycare during group therapy sessions and monthly alumni events for those who have recently completed the program.

Treatment of Co-occurring Disorders:
We also provide support for individuals struggling with perinatal anxiety, depression, grief, and loss. These conditions often coincide with OCD or can exacerbate obsessions and compulsions. Our treatment options for these disorders include both generalized outpatient therapy and intensive outpatient therapy.

OCD Specialists at this Clinic:

  • Lyndsey Dawn Proctor, LCSW
  • Morgan Michelle Slade, LCSW
  • Savannah Robertson, ACMHC