Solansch Curland LPCA

Asesor psicológico
PO Box 152532
Austin, Texas 78715
Teléfono: (512) 522-2185
Correo electrónico:
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Supervisor: Katherine Nelsen

Narrative of Services:

I offer both individual and group therapy specifically designed for those struggling with OCD and anxiety disorders. My services can also support individuals dealing with co-occurring conditions such as depression, body-focused repetitive behaviors, substance use, and PTSD, provided that OCD or anxiety remains the primary condition.

Treatment of Co-occurring Disorders:

My expertise lies in treating OCD and concurrently addressing related conditions such as anxiety disorders, depression, PTSD, substance use issues, and body-focused repetitive behaviors.

Training Description:

I’ve successfully treated individuals with OCD, drawing on my training in cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), exposure and response prevention (ERP), and acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT). I’m also currently enhancing my expertise with training in inference-based CBT. My commitment to excellence is underscored by extensive ERP trainings and diligent study of literature by renowned researchers and clinicians in the field of OCD treatment. Recently, I’ve launched a practice dedicated to the treatment of OCD and anxiety disorders, guided by a supervisor who specializes in these areas.

Diversity Statement:

I am a counselor with a strong foundation in cultural competency, experienced in supporting clients from diverse multicultural backgrounds. Additionally, as a proud Latina, I bring a personal understanding of cultural identity to my practice, enhancing my ability to connect with and treat individuals from varied backgrounds.

Treatment Groups:

Currently, I don’t have any groups open, but I’m passionate about facilitating group sessions that offer individuals with OCD the chance to learn new skills and gain support from fellow OCD sufferers.