Natalie T. Delgado PsyD

1741 Ashland Ave
Baltimore, Maryland 21205
Accesibilidad ADA
Teléfono: (443) 923-9400
Narrativa de Servicios:

At Kennedy Krieger Institute’s Center for Developmental Behavioral Health, we have a specialty clinic for OCD/Tic disorders. About 50% of my personal caseload is for OCD/Tic disorders and I also supervise psychology trainees within our clinic in ERP, HRT, and CBIT.

Descripción de capacitación:

I am a licensed clinical psychologist with 5 years of treating OCD, tic, trichotillomania, excoriation, and anxiety disorders. I received a postdoctoral fellowship at Baylor College of Medicine: Texas Children’s Hospital’s OCD and Anxiety Disorders Program in 2021. During my doctoral training, I was at the Institute of Living’s Anxiety Disorder’s program. These training opportunities provided a foundation for assessment and treatment of these disorders. I use a range of evidence based treatments: exposure and response prevention (ERP), cognitive behavior therapy (CBT), comprehensive behavioral intervention for tics (CBIT), and habit reversal training (HRT).

Declaración de diversidad:

I am a bilingual (English and Spanish) psychologist. I serve Spanish-speaking families both at our general Center for Developmental Behavioral Health and specialty OCD/Tic clinic.

Throughout my training I have taken a variety of multicultural and diversity courses as well as continuing education credits about cultural sensitivity. I also worked at two hospital systems with large Hispanic/Latinx populations in Miami, FL and Houston, TX to strengthen my implementation and adaptations of treatment for Spanish-speaking and Latinx families. I have used my cultural competencies to be sensitive and informed when working with an array of individuals from different backgrounds in addition to my special interest in working with the Latinx population.