Nancy R Larsen MSW, LCSW

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230 East 400 South
Suite 1
Springville, Utah 84663
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Teléfono: (801) 623-1996
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Narrativa de Servicios:

I offer OCD therapeutic support and treatment for sufferers of OCD and their families. With over ten thousands hours of face to face time with clients who struggle with OCD, I have a profound understanding of their struggles. The therapeutic skills I teach are researched based and proven effective in OCD Treatment. The implementation of mindfulness in therapy helps clients to learn to maneuver through their emotional discomfort.

Descripción de capacitación:

I am a LCSW and Psychotherapist who enjoys working with those of you who struggle with OCD and Anxiety Disorders. I was trained by a senior therapist in OCD treatment using CBT, ACT and ERP for two hours each week for over two years. For the past six years I have worked with hundreds of individuals who have shared their pain associated with OCD. Not only have I been a member of the IOCDF for several years, but I have presented at the conference for the past five years.

Diversity Statement:

I grew up in a Hispanic family with traditions and values pertaining to our culture. I speak fluent English and Spanish. I have worked with many client who speak Spanish. I have also worked extensively with clients who struggle with their religious beliefs helping them find a balance with their morals and beliefs based on their values. I feel very competent in working with clients of various cultural and diverse backgrounds as they embrace the therapeutic process with new insights and variety.