Jillian M. Racine PhD


Racine Anxiety and OCD Practice

4505 Spicewood Springs Rd, Suite 335
Austin, Texas 78759
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Teléfono: 512.202.9471
Correo electrónico: jill@racineanxiety.com
Narrativa de Servicios:

Racine Anxiety and OCD Practice specializes in evidence-based treatment of anxiety, OCD, and related conditions. On average, 70% of our clients have a primary OCD diagnosis. We offer virtual appointments and are in network with most major insurance agencies.

Tratamiento de trastornos concomitantes:

We also treat co-occurring disorders including depression, trauma, ADHD, and social skills deficits. Providers are adept at creating a supportive and collaborative environment for clients. We utilize evidence-based approaches such as cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) and exposure and response prevention (ERP). Strategies are tailored to the unique needs of the individual and his/her/their goals for treatment. In addition, we incorporate parents and/or family members into our work if needed and requested by the client.

Descripción de capacitación:

Dr. Racine received her doctorate in psychology from The Pennsylvania State University. She completed a post-doctoral fellowship at Austin Anxiety and OCD Practice. She has specialized training in cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), exposure and response prevention (ERP), and habit-reversal therapy for the treatment of obsessive compulsive, panic, anxiety, and pediatric mental health conditions. Dr. Racine is a graduate of the International OCD Foundation’s Behavior Therapy Training Institute (BTTI). Dr. Racine has published multiple articles on mental health treatment and she is co-author of the self-help guide: From Misery To Mastery: A Revolutionary New Treatment for Anxiety and Depression.