Marguerite Ruppenicker PhD

PO Box 645
Westbrook, Connecticut 06498
Teléfono: (860) 388-9882
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Narrativa de Servicios:

Dr. Ruppenicker’s practice is approximately 60 – 75% with individuals with OCD. She has helped over 500 individuals with OCD and related disorders.

Mood, other Anxiety disorders, ADHD, BFRBs and Trauma. Treatment planning is individualized.

Descripción de capacitación:

Dr. Ruppenicker has specialized in the treatment of Anxiety disorders for more than 20 years. She obtained training in Exposure and Response Prevention through the BTTI in 2012. She has treated over 500 individuals with OCD since 2012. She regularly attends trainings in the field of OCD treatment.

Declaración de diversidad:

Dr. Ruppenicker trained in a psychology doctoral program with a focus on gender and cultural diversity. She is a Spanish speaker having lived in Puerto Rico and Mexico.
Dr. Ruppenicker worked previously as a Gender Specialist assisting transgender people with social and medical gender transitions. She has worked with a number of individuals with co-occurring gender identity issues and OCD. She has extensive experience working with the GLBTQ community.