John Silvestre L. Psy, MS, LCSW

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680 West End Avenue
Suite #1B
New York, New York 10025
Teléfono: (212) 362-5413
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My full time private practice specializes in ERP/CBT of OCD Spectrum Disorders including Trichotillomania, BDD, Skin Picking and Tourettes, since 1992. I have seen hundreds of patients with a diagnosis of OCD Spectrum Disorders. My practice is one that integrates good clinical skills with new research information. I also provide bilingual services in Portuguese and Spanish.

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I trained as a Clinical Psychologist at Lisbon University, Portugal and am Licensed as a Psychologist in Portugal since 1985. I also hold a Post Graduate certificate in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy from the Portuguese Association of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, 1986. In 1990, I graduated from Columbia University Graduate School of Social Work with an MS in Clinical Social Work and I am Licensed as a LCSW in NY State. I also have an Advanced Level Training Certificate from The Cognitive Therapy Center of New York. I worked as a research scientist at Columbia University and was trained in ERP for OCD and CBT at The Anxiety Disorders Clinic. I also worked at Mount Sinai Psychiatry department and treated OCD patients both in outpatient dept, research and private practice. I have also published a book Chapter entitled "Behavioral Treatment of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder".