Emily R. Wharton PsyD

932 Santa Cruz Ave
Suite C-1
Menlo Park, California 94025
Accesibilidad ADA
Teléfono: (650) 427-9927‬
Correo electrónico: dr.emily.wharton@gmail.com
Narrativa de Servicios:

30-40% of clients that my practice sees works with OCD and OC related disorders. I provide individual therapy, family, and couples therapy to individuals, families, and couples struggling with the impact of OCD on their lives and relationships.

Tratamiento de trastornos concomitantes:

I use an Acceptance Based Therapy approach to integrate other co-occurring disorders into Exposure and Response Prevention. I treat co-occurring disorders such as PTSD, complex trauma, anxiety disorders, and issues surrounding pregnancy and postpartum. For co-occurring PTSD, either while or after engaging in ERP for OCD symptomatology, we may incorporate trauma-focused treatment such as Prolonged Exposure and Cognitive Processing Therapy.

Descripción de capacitación:

I have trained in the Stanford OCD Clinic and in the Palo Alto Veterans Affairs. I participated in Lisa Coyne’s training on ACT and ERP. I engage in ongoing case consultation with other OCD specialists.

Declaración de diversidad:

I work with a wide range of multicultural populations, most commonly Black, Asian, White, and Latinx individuals and families. I also see members of the LGBTQIA+ community, including gender nonconforming and transgender individuals in my practice and deeply value gender-affirming care.

I have had extensive training in anti-racist counseling practice, racial trauma, and gender affirming care. This has consisted of numerous didactic and experiential workshops, in addition to ongoing multicultural conversations with my colleagues. For example, I participate in a weekly multicultural meeting in which we as a team reflect on our multicultural identities and how they show up in our work, as well as a monthly multicultural DBT meeting.