Donate your cars to the IOCDF!

Donate Your Car

Are you buying a new car? Planning on getting rid of an old one? How about a boat or RV? Selling isn’t your only option! We’ve teamed up with Donate For Charity to make donating your vehicle, boat, or RV easy. By donating your vehicle, you’ll avoid the headache or selling a used car. Donate for Charity will arrange for your car to be picked up — whether its running or not! — and handle all the logistics associated with the donation. It’s a win for all: you receive a minimum $500 tax deduction (or higher, depending on what your car sells for) and the IOCDF receives the net proceeds, which will go toward supporting future programming.

You can either fill out this Vehicle Donation Form online, or call Donate For Charity directly at (866) 392-4483 to start the process.

Thank you for your support!

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